covid-19 safety at our school

there are a few ways we are managing covid 19 safety here at bluestem hall nature school

we are extremely protective of our students and take great care knowing they are counted among those who have yet to qualify for a vaccination.

1] Our entire organization is fully vaccinated and boostered. This means nonprofit staff, teaching staff, and our entire school board. Every single adult of our organization is fully vaccinated and boostered.

2] We take mask wearing seriously, we always have, and will continue to do so until it is safe to transition out of them outdoors first. Masks will be required indoors by teachers, students, parents, and any visitors coming for a meeting or tour. Masks are currently required outdoors when socially distanced gathering or distanced learning is not possible or developmentally appropriate. We eat our daily snack outside almost every day (unless weather conditions do not allow) and that is currently our only mask free time. 

3] We received a grant from the City of Urbana to upgrade our HVAC system with hospital-grade, ultra violet, air purifying, virus-busting technology. Our indoor air is constantly purifying itself to kill bacteria and viruses.

4] Outdoor learning is hands down the safest form of education. Not only does it have cognitive, social, and emotional benefits that lead to health and happiness…it also drastically reduces the chance of infection. scientific data has increasingly found that COVID-19 spreads far less frequently outdoors than indoors — one study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases found that it is nearly 19 times less likely to spread outdoors. We’re entirely set up to spend the majority of our time outside for learning, eating, drinking, and playing.

We’re treating the situation like our own unvaccinated children attend this school…because they do!