we have ambitious goals for education and that means we have ambitious goals for fundraising!

We are building this school from scratch.

From the ground up!

So far, we have run on volunteered time, community cheerleading, hard work, kindness,

and an unwavering dedication to create a high quality school.

If you feel a kinship to the values of our school + environmentalism philosophies, please consider donating to our giving campaign! 

a gift to support our many goals includes: school development, curriculum development, equipment and facility needs, field station establishment, and most of all tuition assistance for future students in need.

As we establish our tuition rate directly with our goal to provide livable wages for our teachers + faculty, we understand that some families may not be able to enroll their child due to financial reasons. This doesn't sit right with us. We don't want to sacrifice the support and wellbeing of our students or our adults.  So, what can we do about it?  it is our hope that through our fundraising events, grants, and private donors, we can collect the start up funds we need to create this school (a founding year expense) and then move directly towards the goal to develop our scholarship program and ultimately a more financial need-blind admission process (enrollment based solely on merit not on the ability to afford full tuition).

If you're interested in becoming a benefactor of our school or making a donation (big or small!) please email us at school@bluestemhall.com for more information on how to get involved! 

To avoid credit card fees for larger donations, please feel free to send to us directly at
1401 e. old church road urbana, il 61802